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Bluebird's WebService, PMS and EMR are available to Bluebird subscribers.

Subscribers are doctors that apply to have their lab results and radiology reports sent to them (securely) via Bluebird.
There is no cost to the doctor when subscribing to this service.

By subscribing (clicking the subscribe button at the end of the application form) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions under which you are granted access to Bluebird's secure web service.
Please click here to review those conditions.

Once you have subscribed, you will be granted access to the secure web service.

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NB. If you have selected yes, an email will be sent to the email address specified above.
That email will have an application form for your partners to complete and fax back to Bluebird Support.
(We need their permission for you to see their results and vica versa).

Lab Report Service
The Bluebird Hub links to more than 99% of the pathology laboratories in South Africa and consolidates all your lab reports in one place (together with your radiology, referral notes, consultations and discharge summaries). We store your lab reports in an encrypted vault which, over time, becomes a valuable practice asset. Bluebird's tools to manage historical lab reports (graphs etc.) help organise your practice.
Doctors that choose to use this free lab service qualify for discounts on other Bluebird applications.
If, for some reason, you would prefer NOT to get lab reports please click the tick box below:

  No Lab Reports

International subscribers:
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